(Dogs, Cats, and Other Critters, too!)


We prefer to walk our dog clients with one, or at the most two other dogs.  We will also single walk at the same rate (see below).

Daily Walks/Play dtes
$ 17.00        1 half hour (with no more than 2 other dogs or on our own)
$ 24.00        1 hour (with no more than 2 other dogs, or on our own)
$ 35.00        3-5 hour play date outing in enclosed playgrounds with 3 other dogs

Double Dog Household Rate
$ 26.00        1 half hour
$ 32.00        1 hour
$ 45.00        3-5 hour outing in off leash, enclosed playground with 2 other dogs

$ 64.00        Per day rate (pro rated if you leave at 2 PM for example)
                    In your home care, including plant watering and mail pick up

Cat Sitting
$ 26.00        Per 1 hour visit

Special Medical Needs (hydration/insulin/pills (one hour visit)
$  26.00      Minimum, may change based upon specific need

C.A.R.E Puppy/Rescue Dog Training
Caring, Assertive, Respectful Empathy
$  140.00    One hour in home and on street assessment/training session
$  400.00    Three one hour sessions

We cover the basics from potty training, to sit, walk, stay, loose leash. We also address
any behaviors that are affecting you and your dog's ability to enjoy each others company or the company of other dogs (anxiety, aggression, excessive shyness). We will  refer you to animal behaviorists/trainers if we feel the issues you want to address may not be addressed by our C.A.R.E. method.